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Reimagined Wedding Traditions and Rituals

When Stephanie Boye, of Tyler Boye Photography, approached me to participate in her Notes From The Lightbox vlog series, she asked me to share and give insight on my favorite rituals for a wedding. This was a hard task because there are so many lovely and festive traditions throughout different cultural and religious traditions, it was difficult to come up with a short list for a broad audience. As a celebrant, one of the aspects of creating personal and meaningful ceremonies for my couples (and their families), is bringing together ceremony elements that make sense for who they are. I consider a ceremony and the inclusion of a wedding tradition a success when it's an authentic representation of my couples. And because everyone is unique, the way a tradition is expressed in ceremony, often takes on a life of it's own.

Here is the most recent interview for Notes From The Lightbox:

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Mindful Strategies For Writing Your Vows

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Stephanie Boye for her Love Notes From The Lightbox vlog series, where each topic aims to speak to the heart of issues couples approaching the aisle may be facing. Stephanie's goal for this project is to help "our couples have better and stronger loving relationships."

Stephanie's husband, photographer Tyler Boye was there to film us as I shared some tips for how to approach writing your own vows from the heart without getting overwhelmed. I touch on whether or not you should memorize your promises, and even share my idea for the "bravest most romantic" way to create your vows.

4 TIPS FOR WRITING VOWS...Without Stress

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